Why am I doing this and a funny Blur video

Yet another blog-whore has entered the gates of wordpress. Nothing innovative or unique about it but hey, I don’t like innovative anyway, as a postmodernist, I think it’s nothing more than an illusion. But this is not the reason for this blog, don’t be scared, this was probably the last remark on philosophy (or was it?).

Mainly this site is for friends and admirers (although I am quite sure, the latter consist only of the creepy guy that hides under my bed) to give them what they like most on a regular basis – music. Good music tips, to be quite clear. I hope, I didn’t disappoint anyone who thought it might be sex or that I would make music on my own. Neither is very familiar to me so I rather stick to what I am best in; advices what would look and feel best on your mp3-player. I also want to apologize to you, my dear friends, that this blog will be mainly in English but I have to practice.

Let’s start with my most favourite and non-melancholic music video by the very known Blur

Enjoy and feel a little bit sad for the squirrel. But then again, if you live in the UK you don’t have to because squirrels over there are quite scary.


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