Gotye, The Raid and the otherworldly Mumford and Sons

Mumford & Sons

This band is actually the perfect preparation for autumn. They do heartfelt Folk/Indiemusic with so much soul that I honestly can’t really think of any comparison (well, Liam Frost, maybe, but that’s really all). It pierces your soul and from the instruments to the amazing vocals this song is a masterpiece. I am actually thrilled, that Indie/Folkmusic just doesn’t get boring, in contrast to so many other genres. As soon as you think, you heard all varieties, there’s just another band like Mumford & Sons that blows you away. I am just in pain that there’s no album, yet.
White Blank Page



The Raid

I already know this band since a couple of months now, but as it is one of those who are quite fresh on the market, don’t have a record out yet and only two singles on myspace, I wanted to wait for at least another song to convince me. Well, they did. They do a very sweet kind of this Retrorock/Britpop that is not too cute and the singer has a voice to die for. Their melodies are catchy and although they might not be the most innovative band in the world, there is something about them that is charming and quite individual.


On a scale


Ok, the next artist needs the video first and then the explanation, because this song is a monster of good spirit.



I listened to the song before I knew that it’s basically one dude who has come up with this. WOW! It has soul, sass, this great feeling of summersongs back in the Motown-days and he can do even more, because his music ranges from this awesomeness of Soul/RnB to fantastic Indiemusic that has psychdelic features, progressive elements and luscious orchestral details. My prophecy: Wally (that’s his real name) is going to be one huge hit this autumn.



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