Glamour For Better, Kitty Daisy and Lewis and Noah and the Whale


Glamour for Better

If you thought that the Klaxons, Shitdisco or Hadouken are the peek of Nu Rave, you just didn’t meet Glamour for Better yet. These guys are insane in the best way possible. Three guys with drums, guitar and some technical equipment who go absolutely insane on stage and drive the Nu Rave music into something very intense and aggressive. They basically turn everything up a notch and remix this genre – that already seems to be worn out – into a hard-ass monster. I think, this band is what Nu Rave needed, some young guys that give a shit about how you have to approach it and soil and spoil it with their alternative influences. It’s great, it’s intense. It’s even better live and I have to know, because I’ve seen them giving a concert in front of four people (already including me) and confronted with technical problems and they still rocked my mind and my ass off!

Ryan vs. Roundabout

kitty daisy and lewis

We’ve been to the 80s with Nu Rave and Newnewwave, we’ve been to the 70s with bands like Wolfmother or the White Stripes and we’ve met the 60s with Amy Winehouse and the divine Last Shadow Puppets. But it seems as if that isn’t enough. We need to get back in time even more. Well, there you have it. Kitty Daisy and Lewis present you some lovely old-fashioned tunes that sound like smokey bars in some shady areas of New Orleans. We smell tobacco and the fiercest whiskey in the area and we hear their music, accompanied by the tapping of fine leather shoes on wooden floors. Is it Rockabilly, Blues, Soul? Who cares, it’s a journey back in time and it’s worth it. I only wonder, when we will dance to some Mozart-esque tunes…

going up the country

Noah and the Whale

A great sign for me being under too much stress is, when I forget the name of an awesome band. But it’s a joy to rediscover a band that has already won your heart once. Noah and the whale make the sweetest indiemusic with numerous folky instruments and lovely lyrics. It’s the kind of music you want to listen to when you drive in a car, have a bonfire at the beach or sit on the balcony on a Sunday morning. You could actually listen to them in every imaginable occasion.

I love songs that don’t force you to dance but rather encourage you only if you want to but that also work if you are just sitting or lying somewhere. You want the proof? Here it is!

5 years time


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