Assembly Now, Larrikin Love (RIP), The Last Republic, The Stopmotion Men and the Strand (RIP)

Es ist eine Schande, da hab ich ganze neun Monate im UK verbracht, von den besten Songs der Welt umgeben und freudestrahlend zurück kehrend, da ich der festen Annahme war, den deutschen Musiktrends mindestens 2 Monate voraus zu sein und dann das; 12 Monate später kennt immer noch kein Schwein meine dort entdeckten Lieblinge. Ich kann sie weder im Radio hören, noch auf den Indiepartys. Ich habs sogar mit dem Verteilen von Mixtapes versucht, aber es stimmt wohl, ohne visuele Stimulanz erreicht man heutzutage nüscht.

Daher im Folgenden meine Lieblinge 2007, auf dass ihr sie endlich zu schätzen wisst!

and now back to English:

(I don’t know why I switched…)

Larrikin Love –

I think, Larrikin Love were absolutely underestimated when they started out. Now it’s too late, only a couple of months after the release of their debut album “freedom spark” they dissolved into thin air…well, not really. Head of the Bunch, mr Larrikin himself started (immediately after as it seems) a project called “The Pan I am” which still waits to hatch. It sounds not really like Larrikin Love so let’s not bother talking about it.

The Larrikins are a weird brood. They do…well, how can I describe it? Britpop-indie-Hillbilly-Rock? I don’t know, there is the air of folksongs, Huckleberry Finn and fishing at a river with bare feet and a straw hat. The lyrics are somewhere between Brecht and Folksongs as well, they are beautiful but sometimes can get a bit creepy, by finding a corpse in summer for example. They are different, very unique and lack comparison. All traits, that are highly admirable in these days. And because we won’t be able to see them live anymore, here’s the video “happy as Annie”

Assembly Now

I saw this band 2007 live in Cardiff and although I am now in a state were all this euphoric Britpop is starting to annoy me a little bit I have to say – I still love this band to death. They remind me of Razorlight because they can write brilliant popsongs (I mean the good pop, not the bad ringtone-pop) that don’t seem repetitive and feel fresh even after hearing them hundreds of times. It’s badass to do that because I get easily bored by songs. They are upbeat, the singer has a voice that just bursts your heart open in joy and believe me, he can hold that live as well. They obviously have fun in what they are doing and although most of the time the listener doesn’t really care about that as long as the music is good; in this case we do care, because that joy seeps through every single note of the songs.

Graphs maps and trees (I love the video)

The Last Republic

This band saved my spirits more than one time and not only because they sent me a demo with a personal letter (it’s the groupie in me that still gets hysterical about that). They are a small band from Wales and they do fantastic alternative music inspired by Muse, the almighty Jeff Buckley and their own brilliance. They are one of those bands whose songs just literally blow you away or at least leave your mouth open until the very last note. I hope they keep on doing their thing until they finally get recognized by some fantastic producer/record company. It would honestly be a shame if they don’t make it just because their style is more unique and not as poppy as the rest.

all this time (acoustic, so it’s usually a bit more Rock’n Roll but who cares, it’s a lovely song anyway)

The Stopmotion Men

It’s the same problem as with the last republic. They are awesome and I guess, in Germany they would be huge but Britain is not the biggest alternative fan (unless it’s in any way connected to metal) which is a darn shame. The Stopmotion are a three-piece suit full of anger, desperation and sorrow that have so much power in their songs that it could throw you off balance. With only drums, guitar and keyboards they create a sound that is overwhelming and nothing less. I love the voice of Garaint which now and then reminds of Eddie Vedder married to Matthew Bellamy. If a sound ever could embody rage, it’s theirs. Mixed with the brilliant lyrics they are the full package of great music that NEEDS to be discovered.

Fake your death

The Strand

I love the strand. They seem like the rougher version of Maximo Park or the Futureheads with a little bit of punk here and a little bit of 90s alternative there. They are a riot live, or rather, they were, because unfortunately they split up even before they could hit the spotlight. They left us with a couple of brilliant songs that sound like the biggest party smashers but deliver great lyrics that tell about alcoholism, loneliness and the need to be strong just to keep up. They created music that is timeless and couldn’t be spotted as a trend because it always will be fantastic and will last regardless of what’s “fly” right now.

unfortunately, they don’t have a video, so, here’s a link to their myspace page


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