The Music – Strength in Numbers

It took me quite some time to finally put up a review about The Music because they are one of my favourite bands, they are exceptional, meaning, they lack any comparisons and my heart is so in it that it’s difficult to find the right words.

It took the Music a long time to come up with their third album “Strength in Numbers”, but for completely different reasons, obviously.

The long touring, a Major Label and intern band problems were pressure and burden enough to leach the four boys out. After they got dropped by their record label, they felt that their passion was fading, the reason for The Music was no longer clear to them and the self-confidence of the band and the single band members was down to the ground.

That the thought of splitting up occurred but passed by is a not only a miracle but a blessing for all fans and “soon-to-be-fans” of this fantastic band.

“Strength in Numbers” is a beast of an album, probably the best record this year and it isn’t even autumn, yet.

Strength in Numbers – video


With a new use of electronics, they pimped up their inspiration. Although already existent in the previous albums, the beats and synthesizers play a much more important role in the process of this record and add to the bleak and dire atmosphere that seeps through every song. There is no doubt that all the experiences of the past four years found their way into “Strength in Numbers” without any safety net. Isolation, debility and the loss of a sense in life are the main topics of the songs and can also be felt through the music that races and stomps through the album like a frightened animal. The lyrics are likewise so intimate, that it nearly hurts to hear them. But also the hope, the change and the newly found determination streak through the songs like a radiant beam of light.

The songs are danceable as ever, “fire” and “strength in numbers” seem to force you to move your bones, the mere thought of hearing these songs live is titillating. “Idle” and “Spike” are so atmospheric that they seem to lift you up from the ground and into the sky and “inconceivable odds” is like a cut through the heart in all it’s tenderness. There is no filler on this record and it appears that these guys wouldn’t even know what a filler is. Speaking of a highlight is therefore quite useless, as the highlight would be all 12 songs in a row. However, if someone would hold a gun to my head and force me to chose one song, I would probably say “Drugs” as it seems to sum up everything that the guys have been through and hopefully never will go through in their entire life again. Sometimes, it is amazing what comes out of the most dire situations.


Drugs – live 


There is not much to be said about the musical quality of The Music. These guys breath their music and are some of the best musicians out on the market, hands down. Robert Harvey’s voice is as strong and powerful as ever, Phil Jordan’s drums drive lightning through your legs and Adam and Stuart show what guitar and bass playing actually is (not showing off without any talent but playing the crap out of their guitars, that is).

If you are still on the lookout for THE album 2008, well, there you have it. Enjoy.

The Spike – (awesome Tron style-) video

(If this review was a bit too cheesy, whimsy and dripping with pathos, I am sorry, as I said at the beginning, writing about the only favourite band you’ve basically listened to since the very beginning is much more difficult than you would expect.)

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