Amazing Baby, Bodies of Water and one of my favourite music videos

Bodies of Water

Isn’t it nice that we are back in the 70s? At least musically as our clothes still look like a drug addict version of the 80s. I can’t really tell how much I missed the sound of the Hammond Organ and brooding guitars in the last few years. Bodies of Water bring all this to the party. However, these are not the flower power 70s with nice songs about birds and trees but progressive compositions that lurk in the shadows and follow you with lyrics of symbolic descriptions of emotional losses. The singing is haunting and nearly forlorn in the intimidating power of the loosened instrumentals. If you are willing to be pushed into the darker parts of progressive rock, be prepared for Bodies of Water.

doves circled the sky

Amazing Baby

If Kasabian would listen a bit more Led Zeppelin, they might sound just like Amazing Baby. It is intriguing, how retro and modern these guys sound at the same time. They rock your ass off and more than once resemble a more experimental version of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It’s dirty and sexy and cool, although it sounds more like a day in the desert. Alternative is on it’s way back to the dancefloor, after several months of Nu Rave and perky Britpop, bands finally decided to let their hair grow, wear some comfortable jeans and treat their guitar like a lover and not like an accessory again.

I give you the myspace adress because the only video I could find has not the best sound quality

But here’s the video anyway

Head Dress (Is it just me or does the singing remind of We Are Scientists in that one?)

Favourite Videos Pt.2

Because I was kept in a cold cellar without electricity last week I wasn’t able to listen to some new bands. I therefore had to invent an occasional new category for cases like this.

My favourite videos will consist of fantastic pieces of music video art, that probably never would get an MTV-award (which is not the worst thing, competing with ego-manic videos like Kanye West’s show-off-productions is not really compelling).

My first one was Blur with “Good Song” as entry song for my blog. I admit, it’s not really arty but I love it because it’s funny and a squirrel is eating a pixie in it and that’s that

The following video, however, truly is one of my most favourite videos of all time. It is actually one of my three favourites. Interpol are in general a band that seem to be unable to make a video that is shit or even mediocre. Every single of their music-videos is beautiful, eerie and fits the songs like a glove. And on peek of all these masterpieces is this:

Evil (The mere though that this puppet moves me more than the people in the background…)


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