Broken Records, Coogan’s Bluff and Talk Taxis

Broken Records

Thank God that music with medieval-ish, European folk elements and strikingly haunting string instruments is in a comfort zone right now. Fleet Foxes for the dreamers, Beirut for the Indie-crowd, Larrikin Love for the cheeky ones and now Broken Records, for all the melodrama and opulent songs you always wanted in music. And it is so good. Broken Records create an atmosphere that is like a fairytale parallel universe. With a voice like Zach Condon is riding on the back of a wolf. The lyrics contrast this alienating feeling of time travelling and dive more into the abyss of human emotions and relationships, perfectly delivered by Jamie Sutherland and underlined with powerful drums and the heavy veil of violin and cello. This is one of those bands that leave you speechless, no wonder, with this great mixture of tragic melodies and powerful lyrics.


Talk Taxis

Just in case I neglected the uplifting poppy side of British music lately, I put up a review for Talk Taxis. They actually sound a little bit retro because they have this 80s postpunk charme and combine Sex Pistols spitted lines with the melodious beauty of more relaxed bands like the Stranglers. It sounds cheeky and rebellious but never too dirty or aggressive. Therefore they create a faint air of nostalgia that gets you even if you’ve been born a bit later. All that combined with a good sense for catchy tunes and quite some ideas up their sleeve to make their music interesting. They might be able to pull out a record that stands on it’s own and can survive the recent hype of Britpop bands. I, at least, welcome their Punkrockmusic with a Britpoptwist for being something that makes you smile and THAT, my friends, is something to aim for in music.

I may never (there’s no video of it up yet but I highly recommend “Publicity”)

Coogans Bluff

Local bands are always a quite ambiguous thing. They are never really that good but because you are living in a small village where an angry mob still hunts individuals with forks and torches, you are kinda happy that you at least have some music stars around that play every other week.

Well, this band is different. Coogans Bluff are from my hometown but they are way beyond the typical local band. They play kick ass Rock’n Roll, partly stoner, partly just the pure essence of what was once invented as Rock. It’s not just the fact that they know what they are doing and have enough passion to put that on stage, no, these guys can play like fuck. Once they started stretching a song to 10 or 15 minutes you know that you are in good hands and that there is no need to look further for a better band because that would be quite difficult. Drums, bass and guitar build soundwalls of such a raging force that open mouths from the audience come naturally. The singer doesn’t look like it but has the voice of a 50-year old metalhead (which is good). What a band, for once, a reason to be actually proud of your local band and another reason to let your hair grow long and shake it.

3 thoughts on “Broken Records, Coogan’s Bluff and Talk Taxis

  1. to me coogans bluff is just dicke-eier-rock. und das mit der südstaatenfahne auf ihren vielen konzerten war vielleicht naiv aber trotzdem dämlich.


  2. Ich muss da leider gegenhalten. Zum einen, weil Dicke-Eier-Rock seinen eigenen Charme hat und mir persönlich viel Vergnügen bereitet und zum enderen, weil die Jungs nicht mal eben was hinschrammeln, sondern eins A Musiker sind, die so einiges aus ihren Instrumenten rauskitzeln.


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