Beta Satan, Rose Hill Drive and Wild Orchid Children

Beta Satan

The name alone is so shit that I actually expected some dire metal band with a horrible singer who loves Iron Maiden and musicians who think that everyone who plays the air guitar can play the real guitar as well. I was wrong. Beta Satan are a very disturbing, yet incredible alternative band that goes along the lines of Queens of the stone age or Death from above 1979 with tinges of 90s metal but the good one. At times, I am reminded of Mclusky just because they can be quite irritating. I haven’t been so exited about an alternative act since…a long time, God, I hope they make it, I want to see them live!

moments of pleasure

Rose Hill Drive

Dear fans of Wolfmother, I know it has been hard on you that your beloved Aussies split up but hey! Let’s welcome Rose Hill Drive. Admitted, they sound like a version of Wolfmother who listened to a lot Queens of the Stone Age and they sometimes are a bit too catchy (especially when they are trying softer melodies) but all in all they are fun, you can shake your hair to songs like “Sneak Out” and they rock. Enough for me, to be honest

Sneak Out

Wild Orchid Children

Oh yeah, this week is for beards, long hair and dirty shirts only. Wild Orchid Children are no exception. The underlying tone of their music is highly psychedelic and funky (more Zappa than Disco, though) with the vocal outbursts of some angry (bearded) Beasty Boys. That sounds a bit weird and yes, it is at times but it is also a lot of fun and with myspace friends such as Acid Mother Temple and Portugal.the.Man we are not to expect anything catchy and smooth. You might imagine a weird time-trip with your left ear back to a Zappa concert while the right ear stayed hear to listen to some bands like The Rapture. Better don’t try this as background music, you might freak out without knowing why…

ahead of us a secret


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