Captain Kidd, Other Lives and The Spolkestra

 The Spolkestra

I actually thought that the Guillemots are the most erratic group of musicians to throw a bunch of genres into your arms that shouldn’t fit together but do oh so perfectly. I think I was wrong, because the Spolkestra have an even higher grade in this mastery of doing music that let’s you hyphen your ass off to describe. No wonder, 15 people on stage only can get messy (but brilliant at the same time. I think if you can imagine TV on the Radio, The Guillemots, the Fleet Foxes and The Arcade Fire you might come close. But I doubt that you can imagine that. So here’s a video, maybe it helps. I think they are fantastic, slightly creepy but just like a Scandinavian fairy tale, soothing and beautiful at the same time.


Captain Kidd seem to be one of those numerous half Britpop half Nu Rave bands and if you see their video it is as weird and simple as most of the others. But their music is quite a step further up the ladder. The melancholy that seeps through songs like “Henry” grips you and is touching like an “I was a cup scout“ song, another band that seems to be poppy but isn’t. There is a grim determination within the songs that indicates that they are not only in it for the headbands and the neon coloured clothes, what they will make of it – who knows, I am desperately waiting for a proper album. But I hope the best for them.

Captain Kidd – Henry

Other Lives

Oh yeah, Autumn is coming and what we now need are heavy, piano- and violin-esque hymns of sadness and deep emotions. Other Lives (formerly known as Kunek) might not be too original with what they are doing but their mixture of Bowie-ballads and Coldplay is just the right thing that we want to listen to while we warm our cold hands and hearts with a hot cup of tea. And you probably won’t get any other band in 2008 that gets so hymnal. It’s a celebration of pompous orchestral slowness.


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