Holy Ghost Revival, Dead Confederate and Fresh Legs

So I dragged myself through a huge amount of bands on my list and I mean “dragged” because most of them were mediocre which is worse than being shit because being bored by music is one of the most horrible things I can imagine. However, amidst all these dull people that should be ashamed of themselves, I actually found a couple of bands that let my heart jump in circles. It was hard, though, I have to admit, I am still too giggedy about Rubber Kiss Goodbye – what a bloody promising band. Anyway, here we go:

Holy Ghost Revival

This band is so 70s metal-esque that their picture actually should be in the lexicon under 70s metal-esque (and if this word isn’t in the lexicon yet it should appear there as soon as possible). Another retro band but instead of being too cool for school with classic rock sounds they just decided that all that is bull and that they prefer – glamrock, oh yes. Don’t be scared, this is not another awful The Darkness, but a band that has all the right sounds, from Alice Cooper to Bowie to T-Rex, a bit of early metal here, a lot of glam there. I know, I know, this is nothing new but at least it’s a revival of something that hasn’t been back since…hm…since the 70s. Just get into the mood of a Rocky Horror Picture Show feeling and relax. By the way, their video for “embrace the hate” is so wonderfully shit that I would even recommend these guys just for the sake of it.

embrace the hate

Dead Confederate

I always thought that the Veils are one of those bands that can’t be copied…well, they can’t be but Dead Confederate are very close to this unnerving but beautiful indiemusic. However, Dead Confederate add a lot of alternative-edge to it that makes their music sound as if The Veils have been dragged into the wild. There is also a hint of etheral Radiohead-tunes. All in all, this sound is fantastic. It’s heavy, nearly crushing but their wonderful melodies and the weeping voice of Hardy (they didn’t give a surname on myspace) balance the weight of the progressive compositions. These guys definitely get you in the mood for a merciless winter.

The Rat –

Fresh Legs

I have to say, bands with very high (nearly shrill) female voices usually give me the willies. But there is something about the performance of this lovely lady that is just edgy enough to cope with this voice that is so clear that it cuts like glass through the euphoric instrumentals. It’s evident that it’s the singer who makes the sound of this band, otherwise they wouldn’s sound much different from bands like the Wombats or the Dykeenies. But with her, they have a certain Sugarcubes feeling to them and a tiny wee bit of punk. However, I don’t know whether I could stand that voice throughout a whole album but that’s just me and my obsession with edgy male voices.

bearded man (fuck, they didn’t have my favourite song “Samwise” on youtube)

So here’s the myspace because Samwise is gorgeous



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