Glasvegas, Kim and the Cinders and To The Bones

Finally, this summer is over. We can get out our warm clothes and forget the sun that always turns my skin into something very nasty which could have been out of every gore-film as well. Hot beverages somehow taste much better now and the tv-program is a hundred times better (all the season premieres!). Although the awesome time of festivals and concerts is kinda over, bands now throw out one new release after the other which is just as fine. Only two weeks left until we all get into the Christmas frenzy (because it starts earlier and earlier) and I have dug up some cool bands which made my day.

To the Bones

I love Rock’n Roll that somehow creeps you out. I think bands like Queens of the Stone Age or Refused knew that music also has to irritate and disturb you. To the Bones are going in that direction with a force that pushes you against the wall. Their music is loud, aggressive and a little bit experimental, which turns their Rock sounds into something uncomfortable, yet, intriguing. Dark choruses back up an aggressive singer who sings against a stormave of guitars and drums. Fantastic.

Rex (ah, this song is like a threat by one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, although I probably wouldn’t dance then)

Kim and the Cinders

I think I heard somewhere that this band’s members used to do (or still do) Rock’n Roll and that this is a side-project, where they can get a bit folky. Well, it works. This Danish band sounds like someone dropped them off in the Californian Desert together with a bottle of whiskey and a set of instruments. I love them just for using the Hammond Organ but apart from that they also have lovely distorted vocals, great melodies that breathe blues and country and a sense for details that makes (good) folk-music so endearing. Their songs switch between dusty bars with depressive piano players and cynical duets as swiftly as if diversity is the easiest thing ever. Love them, embrace them, listen to them.

 kill kill kill


This band is on my radar since January but after my laptop killed itself, they got lost together with too many other bands. This band has this stadium feeling of U2 and also a bit of a pub band which probably is due to the lovely Scottish accent. Their melodies feel very 80s New Wave, as do their instrumentals but everything is very promising and although a bit cheesy, very charming. However, the “come as you are”-Cover should be ignored, you don’t want to hear that, believe me.

Daddy’s Gone (yeah, the title is weird/lame but the video is nice)

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