Fucked Up, Our Brother The Native and Those Dancing Days

Yeah, I lower my head in shame, lately I haven’t been capable of giving you my newest favourite bands as early as I used to and to be honest, although I plan on changing this, I wouldn’t bet on it. BUT, they are coming and I love them.

PS: There’s no pattern in the choice of the bands this time, they are pretty much far away from each other but hey, Pizza, ice cream and beer are as well and they fit heavenly together…

Those Dancing Days

I already told all my friends about this band ages ago, but now that their debut album gets out, I think I should repeat my appraisal to these lovely Swedish girls. Their music is what Pop should be – light as a feather, great melodies, a fantastic voice and some 60s feeling to it that – for once – doesn’t sound like another Amy Winehouse. They remind me a bit of the Sugarbabes before they turned into sex-kittens. Those Dancing Days are just perfect for anything that requires a soundtrack that makes you smile, dance and/or just take a deep breath to relax. It’s nothing deep and edgy but Pop doesn’t need to be.

Hitten (This is the reason why I fell in love with them and I think it’s hard not to with this song)

Our Brother The Native

To be honest, you just know that this band is great because look at this bandname, it’s brilliant. And so is the band. The music got me after about 7 seconds where nothing much happened, except faraway sound-patterns, a heavy piano, a woman singing in the next room, arguing on the street and a melancholic harmonium. Imagine the Arcade Fire timid, vocals like fleeting shadows and background noises that give you the illusion of sitting in the middle of a flat full with people who make music, wash the dishes, talk, play.

Younger (man, that video freaks me out)

Fucked Up

They have been on the radar of the NME lately, although they have been around quite a bit longer now and to be honest, they live up to the hype. They are from Canada which doesn’t surprise me very much, considering that most great bands that take a genre and turn it into something rough and beautiful come from Canada.

It says that they are Hardcore/Punk but there is so much more to it. You can actually tell by their photo because you see a bunch of people with ordinary clothes, normal trousers and no pretentious haircuts. You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but seriously, most of the time ordinary (or rather not over-styled) looking people make the best kind of music. Well, they do. It’s like Rock’n Roll got a rendezvous with Hardcore and brought some Garage and Indie to have a good time. The sense of detail in these songs make them so fantastic, on the first glance you have the typical Rock but then there are female vocals and indie-melodies strewn in that make it so…Canadian.

I am probably also very happy about this band because they don’t sound Emo which is very rare for hyped Hardcore-bands these days.

Live video


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