Frightened Rabbit, Honig and O’Death

What a week and it’s a bit bothering that it’s only Wednesday because I sure feel like Friday. Anyway, let’s hear some music!

(By the way, if my short notes on the bands sound a bit off and weird, sorry, I usually get a bit more eccentric during autumn/winter. It’s the lack of sun I guess.


I admit, I am a bit prejudiced because they actually sent a small cup of honey with their CD to our radio station which is so cool that we all loved them even before listening to the CD. Fortunately, their music is good enough that we can’t blame ourselves for getting bribed. Honig are a German band that doesn’t really sound German but also not like a clone of some American or British band. Their asset is a great use of playful instruments, a violin, an accordion if I am not mistaken and even bee-humming. Their songs are small, cuddly songs that sound like lullabies that are supposed to drift you into a fairy-tale land of good songwriting. With their first record they already developed a very unique sound and I bet that everyone wants them for romantic dates, as background for a good book or for drifting peacefully into sleep.

Unfortunately there is no video yet, so here’s their myspace. let your imagination run wild while listening to their music…

Frightened Rabbit

Oh my, mp3 players will be the downfall of music. I honestly listened to this band for three weeks, thinking it was another band. But better later than never. Frightened Rabbit make the sweetest Indiemusic with a great voice and, well, actually they are really what you expect when you hear the term indie, great melodies, good lyrics and a certain melancholy that still sounds optimistic enough not to go Emo (sorry, that was mean). Frightened Rabbit have a great way of layering their sounds, starting off very simple with acoustic guitar and singing and then getting to a nearly orchestral sound with organ, background choir etc. But they also can pull off some strong dance-hymnals always with this exciting air of a song that promises new beginnings.

I love bands like this, especially in autumn, when you kinda enjoy being a little bit sad.

The Greys


This band got lost in my music mix but now that I am back on Garage-Indie-Folk-coctails – thanks to the Deadly Snakes, that never left me – I found my way back to O’Death as well. This band is quite exciting, they brought out their record in summer but autumn fits them just as good. The violin is very prominent in the songs, racing like a mad mosquito accompanied with folky garage-instrumentals and a singer who is simply genius. He reminds me a bit of the singer of Clapyourhandssayyeah, only with more remorse and despair in his voice. If sounding shattered and mad and passionate and cynical could be mixed into one person it would be him. The music is a layer of European sounding folklores, put together with some hillbilly-banjoes and the reckless anarchy of Garage music. I’ve read a couple of times now that they are Gothic, however, I really don’t see any of that in their music and to be honest, I am quite glad about that. These guys are great for feeling a bit askew and surreal for autumn.

Down to rest


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