Baddies, Team Waterpolo and Timber Timbre

I love October. Ok, I slipped on the freaking fallen leaves a couple of times and I noticed that I have no rain coat that doesn’t get soaking wet in a minute but the mere thought of the 31st October, sitting home with a shitload of fast food and about a dozen of Horror movies is sooo rewarding.

I wish, I would be that excited on New Years Eve. I guess, if I could celebrate ghosts and monsters there I would.

Anyway, I scrambled together a couple of bands and I tell you, the last one of them is a freaking epiphany to music fans. The others are great as well, though.

Team Waterpolo

This band has a shitload of influences and inspirations, one song has backgroundvocals that remind of Danny Elfman, other songs have the catchy attitude of 90s Britpop and yep, some electronica is involved as well. Whereas I wonder how well you can mingle all those ideas together without being all over the place, I appreciate the pure joy these songs disperse and as I am a sucker for bands who very obviously have fun with their music, I can’t say anything bad about this one. And I bet we all are going to dance to their tunes in a couple of months.

So called summer (that’s the one with the slight Danny Elfman feeling)


They do remind of the Futureheads and the Young Knives. But to be honest, there aren’t enough bands out there that do, so thanks guys for playing music that is so underrated and underrepresented in GB as well as in Germany. Angry Indiemusic that rather smashes something instead of writing a sad song about it.

Their songs are brilliant, they instantly hook you, intrigue you and make you want more from this charming four piece group. You feel a bit shook up after their songs a bit like coming out of the meanest moshpit ever. Sweaty, confused but very exhilarated. I think “who are you” is the first song that completely stunned me since Rubber Kiss Goodbye and “Time on our side”.


Timber Timbre

Imagine a time warp back into the 20s in a shady bar in Canada, the room is filled with lost souls, gamblers, prostitutes and coal miners who’s faces are black with soot. There’s a guy sitting in the corner with a guitar and a bottle of whiskey next to him. And he sings, although nobody really listens, all too busy with their sorrows. But that doesn’t matter, he’s singing the Blues to himself or the ghosts or the bottle next to him.

That’s Timber Timbre. It’s a band that makes you wonder how you could have lived without them in your record collection.

Oh Messiah (I think I have to move to Canada)


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