Halloween, Muahahahaha! Oh yeah, it’s a funny word.

It’s Halloween

No new bands this week but the best Halloween music videos and some funny facts about Halloween. Plus a list of the best Halloween movies as well, oh yeah, you get the whole package from me.

Halloween facts:

Well, it’s actually not that much, only a couple of really cool stuff, I gathered for my radio show. For example, that in Britain people believed that the devil was a nut gatherer and therefore kept nuts on Halloween….yeah, everyone who thinks that this is slightly weird probably is right, I don’t really see any reason in that either. I mean, if the devil would gather something, wouldn’t you think that it is something creepy and evil, like guts or dead animals or deadly diseases? Or did we miss something and all the evil in the world only exists because we keep on eating peanutbutter, walnut-pies and chocolate with hazelnuts?

is this the devil?

Another one is the story of Jack O’Lantern. Actually, Jack was just a very simple dude but he messed with the devil (stupid, should have had some nuts with him to bribe him) and therefore got the chore to walk around the earth with a lantern. How it turned into a pumpkin-lantern, I don’t know, maybe because they rot so fast and smell nasty after only a few days. I imagine that a normal lantern would be much more comfortable to carry around as well and cutting a face into a pumpkin is a hell of a work, I did it a couple of years ago and I really didn’t enjoy it that much.

I thought he carried the lantern and wasn’t the lantern? I am confused.

The last one is about my favourite Halloween-ritual, because it is actually creepy. There are a lot of rituals, like “never look back when you hear footsteps behind you on a Halloween night” because it could be Death himself and apparently he is so shy that he would kill you instantly. But the creepiest revolves around apples which are very important on Halloween. Most rituals with apples involve foreseeing and all that. This one goes like this: you eat an apple on midnight in front of a mirror in the light of a candle and you will see your future husband/lover standing behind you. Now, let me ask you this. If you would actually see that person, wouldn’t that freak you out completely and wouldn’t you be glad to never see that person again? Because if that would happen to me and I would meet him after some years, I would run as fast as I could, still traumatized from that night. Tisk, stupid rituals.

Mirror mirror on the wall, I seriously am happy being a single, so please don’t scare the crap out of me…

The Ramones – Pet Semetary

One of my alltime favourite Ramones songs and also one of my alltime favourite Stephen King movies. I have to say, the movies made in the 70s and 80s were so much better than most of the crap that is now out there (Secret Window and Room 1408 were just wrong, the first one for the worst bad hair day, Johnny Depp ever had and the second for an insanely weird storyline for an actually brilliant short story). But back in the days, with the Shining (the Kubrick one, the one without the kid that couldn’t close his mouth), Carrie, Cujo and Cat’s Eye – those movies were great. In the 90s it was 50:50 hit and miss and then it all got sour. I hope, one day we will see a King adaption without an insane ending or horrible acting.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

If you want a wrap up of most teenage horror movies of the 80s, just watch this epic music video. An interesting fact, the award for longest music video is no longer in the hands of Mr Jackson but of Mike Skinner, also known as the Streets, who has made a fantastic (even it is non-Halloween related) video for his song “When you wasn’t famous”. Thriller still is the coolest video ever.

Speaking of cheesy 80s horror movies. My personal favourites surprisingly don’t include much of the football hunk saves cheerleader chick from evil monsters. The best Teenie horrors are definitely the “Nightmare on Elmstreet’s”, “The Lost Boys” (back in the days when Corey Feldman and Corey Haim still were kinda cool) and of course, the often neglected “The Gate” just because it’s so entertaining.

The Cure – Lullaby

Yeah, The Cure rock! This is one of the creepiest music videos ever, my mom loves/hates it because she has arachnophobia but she loves the song. The question is, however, which Robert Smith make-up is creepier, the one in the bed or the one in front of the window…

This video actually represents the more subtle horror movies out there, which usually scare hell out of me, instead of only entertaining me. Me recommendations for good subtle horror would be “Rec”, “Dark Water”(the original), “Them (Ils), of course “Blair Witch” and I was always fond of “Rosemary’s Baby”. I also love “Jeepers Creepers”, at least till the last 20-30 minutes. After that it’s kinda blah, but in general the movie is real good.

Ah, I love Halloween. Not the children, though, and ironically I am invited to a family birthday party for my 1 year old cousin but at 9pm latest, I will be out there to indulge in all the horror I can get, because that is the real spirit of Halloween, watch horrormovies and eat a lot of trash and don’t open if any kids ring the bell, screw them, little bastards. YEAH!!!

Now off you go, little creepers and demons, spread mischief and misery around the world…MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

PS: See you next week with new bands, maybe they are undead or possessed, but probably not.


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