Chairlift, Monty and the Butchers and Passion Pit

Halloween is over which is kinda sad but also very nice because after a quite horrible Halloweenparty I am glad to never think about it again. I had my first appearance as a DJ, in front of a miserable crowd and next to a slightly egocentric Co-DJ who after some time decided that I wasn’t able to make my own decisions and therefore gave me orders what to play. On top of that I wore an 80s metal outfit (consisting of bad make-up, a super tight zebra stretch jeans and a lot of weird accessoires, I -strangely enough – found in my closet). When the Co-DJ started playing Robbie Williams I kinda lost interest in the whole DJ-business forever and wished the party was over.

And now it is! Yeah! And I have new bands that are so much better than what we played on that dark and traumatising night, so let’s get on with it!


Passion Pit

This band is a miracle. They use the electro sounds that are so “In” right now and combine them with vocals that remind of The Shins and/or The Sunshine Underground and sometimes even instrumentals that sound like the euphoric progressive rock of the 60/70s. Late of the Pier come into my mind because they are just as experimental with the diversity of elements they can cram into one little song without turning it into one giant mess of Frankenstein-esque sound-patchworks. No, Passion Pit are jolly, interesting and right on the spot with their music. And I am well aware that a band like this will be one of the last good bands that this new electro wave will come up with. Considering the mass of likewise bands out there, I am foreseeing a huge overflow on copycats instead of original music miracles such as these guys.



Although I still think that Yeasayer are the masters of this new genre (is there already a name for it?), Chairlift do quite good and add something individual to it as well. Where Yeasayer are simply overwhelming, massive and brilliant and MGMT are delving in the hippie-world of flowers and peace and extreme drug abuse, Chairlift represent the calm, smooth side of this psychedelic electroc-indie-music. In their song collection we mostly find very soothing songs that go nicely down like a glass of milk with honey, now and then there are sweet indie hymns such as “Evident Utensil“ and overall I have to say that the excitement for them is quite understandable. Yep, they sound like Feist took over Hot Chip or Who made Who and that`s nice, very nice indeed. Believe me, they will eventually put a smile on your face. What I think about their song being abused for Ipod is a different matter, though.


Monty & The Butchers

I saw these guys at the Zappanale 18 (2007) and although hardly anyone in the audience (mainly huge guys with beards and an impressive Zappa-CD-collection) knew them, there was quite a party in front of the stage, no wonder Monty & The Butchers obviously have a lot of fun with their music. Their genre is something between Soul, Funk, Alternative and whatever else you can squeeze in. Their music doesn’t always make sense but is definitely fun and their songwriting is pretty impressive (“reggie don’t sweat it” is one of those songs that go right under your skin). Of course, this kind of music is not really trendy right now but considering that I am as trendy as the Queen’s wardrobe, I don’t give a rat’s ass because I love these guys and thin you might as well.


And the myspace because otherwise you never get to hear the amazing voice of the singer in full quality


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