Chin Up Chin Up, Future of the Left and Iglu and Hartly and Little Boots & Drusilla

Oh, it’s so tempting but we all know what happens, when we buy all those cakes, chocolates and sweets already – we will eat too many of them and we will be sick of them at the exact time when everyone in our family is giving out huge bags full of them. Oh no, not this year. I will stick to my ordinary cookies and wait till Christmas this time. But I won’t wait till christmas to introduce you to some great bands.

Iglu & Hartly

Pew, this band is a nightmare for me, because how the hell can I describe them? They do rap, MGMT-esque psychedelic electro and have a melodic range that is Powerpop at it’s best. I am not sure whether I will hate them in a couple of months when they are everywhere on the radio and on TV but for now I can’t say anything negative because their sounds are magical. Yeah, at the beginning it is a bit weird getting used to the rapping but as soon as these catchy choruses set in, it starts to make sense. They remind me of the Breakdance Hip Hop tunes of the 80s combined with electro tunes and they are perfect to brighten up these rainy days. Thinking of it, if Kid Alex, MGMT and rapping white dudes of the late 80s had children, I think they would sound like these guys which is dangerous because they might cause a world-wide rush on dancefloors. Quite adorable, oh, what am I saying, they are awesome.

In This City ( I tell you, after about 43 seconds you will start smiling involuntarily because this song is pure gold)

Future of the Left

I actually thought that everyone (EVERYONE) knows this band because they are made of awesome but they only have around 8000 friends on myspace and that can’t be good. These are the former Mclusky and Jarcrew guys and with Future of the Left they somewhat left the field of music that always has you wonder whether you love it or whether you are completely annoyed by it (in a good way, though) and turned to suppressive, irritating Alternative that blows not only socks but also Iron Man’s metal boots off. If Muse are the soundtrack for the depressive insane (in the good way, of course), Future of the Left are the perfect soundtrack for the manic insane. The songs flip from genius choruses to screams and guitar breakdowns that hunt you in your sleep and the drums, pew, restless.

The lyrics are next to godly, a band with songs like “adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood” is meant to be high up in the Rock’n Roll olymp. Let’s make it happen, listen to them and spread the word!


Little Boots & Drusilla

This also happens, I want to myspace an artist, get more than one hit and chose one of them, realizing that it is the wrong band but don’t care at all because they are good (and I looked up Little Boots who everyone seems to love right now – well, I am happy, I found Little Boots & Drusilla instead). It says Indie, Rock and Shoegaze on their site and I have to say, it’s beautiful. Something to relax after the last two bands. Their music is mainly instrumental, Shawn Woolvolk, Thomas Fisher, Travis Hawkins create music that doesn’t get boring although I get bored pretty easily by instrumentals. They say about their music that it’s “creepy indie-rock songs about girls we really like” which is cute and true because songs like “Elaborate Black Forrests” ooze with a feeling that something is lurking behind the sounds. Although there isn’t a video and the quality of the recordings on myspace is not the best, their music is great and feels very intimate. It’s a little reminder of the times when we (half-drunk) got self-made demo tapes with mediocre recordings of underground bands in a crappy little club that still smelled of cigarette smoke. Great times.

chin up chin up

Ok, this is an exception, usually I am not introducing four bands but after listening through a couple of befriended bands of Little Boots & Drusilla I stumbled over this lovely quintet. If you ever want to describe to someone what really good Indiepop is, don’t bother to search for the right words, just get out a chin up chin up song. It is really weird how they start out with these seemingly simple melodies and rhythms and you think “Oh, another one of these bands” and suddenly – like out of nowhere – you listen closely and can’t stop listening. Yeah, there’s definitely some voodoo going on, these bells, these soft vocals and the guitar that lingers behind the drums like music in your room when you are still dreaming.

Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers (yeah, that video is old but the title is so great)


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