Sky Larkin, All The Saints and Blind Pilot

Sky Larkin

Wait, what’s that? Did Kate Nash stole a keg of beer and turned into a Rock chick? No wait, it’s the singer of Sky Larkin who accidently is also called Katie. Coincidence? However, these are all the comparisons I could gather because apart from the vocal fraternity those two couldn’t be more different. The three nice people (according to their myspace site plus one horse) from Leeds turn Wombats-Britpop into an angry and aggressive mangler and this is incredibly much fun especially if you turn the volume up to the limit. It is evident that these three (plus horse) are much more into alternative rock and as if to prove that furthermore they don’t cover a teenie-indie-idol of the 80s but the almighty Queens of the Stone Age. Ok, I would still listen to the original but the more kudos to Sky Larkin. High profile, edgy and aggressive, this is how we want our asses being rocked.

I Fossil

All The Saints

What a name and actually one of the reasons I tuned in in the first place. Ok, it could have been one of those emokiddiebands as well but I was lucky. All the Saints are one of those bands that create the so called Soundwall. A few classic rock references hover through the vocals, that now and then remind of the smooth sounding Black Sabbath but also of BRMC. But as retro as it sounds, Postpunk a la A Place To Bury Strangers is present all the time so that the listener feels strangely torn between psychedelic rock hymns and massive Postpunk monsters, spiced with a bit of the Queens of the Stone Age. Doesn’t that sound brilliant? It is. Especially the instrumentals of the guys are incredibly fascinating, so much, that there is not a single wasted minute whenever they jam off. I can imagine that this is the bomb live on stage.

Wall Purchase (Dude, this bandname is a bitch if you don’t want to watch an endless array of All Saints songs)

Blind Pilot

This is Indiepop at its best. A lot of melancholy but still the perfect soundtrack for long car drives. Ok, they kept to the rules of Indiepop (bittersweet melodies, chimes and violins plus a crystal clear voice) as if there is no tomorrow and this might hinder them from being unique enough to keep them in mind for longer but they are just too sweet. A little bit as if we took Feist’s songs and let Carey Mercer sing them. Which is quite nice.

Go on Say it


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