Derek Meins, Josh Weller and The Noisettes!

Derek Meins

There seems to be a new trend which creates a sort of Britpop by bands that listen to good old fashioned Rock’n Roll rather than the typical Oasis and Sex Pistols stuff. Ok, a little bit Johnny Rotten can be detected in Derek Meins’ music but if you’d like to dance (which is quite easy) to his songs, than get out your swing-wear and don’t dare to bang your head. This turns into a real treat when you listen to those lyrics that talk about nasty Freud and have this edge of a Monty Python sketch. Oh yeah, Derek Meins tells stories and even though songs like “Richard” might let you consider of ever meeting him in a dark alley, it fits his music superbly. And with charming songs like the “Gin Song” we don’t need much more.

Well, maybe a video

Josh Weller

I am actually not the biggest fan of comedians and musicians alike who seem to wear costumes because I always suspect that they try to hide that their stuff is actually bland as hell. But the nerdy Buddy Holly Doppelgänger Josh Weller is fine with me because he wrote a song that is called “It’s Christmas I hate you” and his voice is lovely plus he seems to be a fan of the sounds of the 20s variety shows. Listening to his music therefore creates the image of Cowboybars, Can Can Girls and a piano with a bottle of whiskey on top. A bit like the Dresden Dolls dressed as a British dude who is dressed like Buddy Holly. I bet he is a row on stage, if only the pants wouldn’t be so skinny…

Live – What will my girlfriend say

The Noisettes

It took me some time to get to the Noisettes because more than one trusted reviewers told me that they are a mess live on stage and I don’t trust bands who can’t perform properly. But I’ve heard they got better on stage and their music on CD is cheeky, fun and danceable. Rockabilly with a soul-voice, some 80s glam melodies and also a bit of smooth pop which is good to relax after songs like “Scratch your Name”. It doesn’t get boring with them, except maybe live but for once I will dispose of this aversion of mine. For the music’s sake.

IWE (live)


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