La Roux, Shaky Hands and Black Rust

La Roux

I have to say, I was sceptical because I am basically fed up with all this electro stuff but this young Lady has to be heard, not only because she is one of the Kitsune discoveries which is the best thing that could ever happen to electro.
The comparisons with the early Depeche Mode are admittedly absurd, as comparisons with Goldfrapp are much more sensible. But they are slightly more aggressive and this sickening crystal clear voice is mesmerizing. The 80s are definitely a big influence in their music and although I have already heard that (much more creatively) in the work of Late of the Pier, these songs stick into your brain like chewing gum.
I don’t know how I would cope with a whole album but for the dancefloor and the radio, this duo is simply perfect. So give them your ears (but only if you promise to listen to Late of the Pier as well, because those dudes kick ass).

Quicksand (Oh look, how wonderfully 80s trash the video is!)

The Shaky Hands

This is one of those ubercool bands that have a huge fanbase because they toured their asses off. Their sound is a nice fusion of GB and USA, with folky rhythms and vocals plus the guitar-inspiring 60s of the British Empire. This results in folk songs that are way to edgy to tingle away in the background. This has to be heard with all your attention and it’s worth it. Last year they put out their second album “Lunglight”. Get it and get happy.

We are young (Oh look how vintage the video is!)

Black Rust

Germany doesn’t like German bands with English lyrics very much but that shouldn’t keep us from listening to them because they are good for us and international fans get the lyrics, so that’s a plus.
Black Rust make very smooth Indiepop that has this optimistic flair which is perfect for the MP3 mix on a rainy day. The lyrics are on the contrast not that perky to keep the balance between good pop and cheesy kitsch and their mixture of lovely ballads combined with hits for the dancefloor is a great way to get through a day.

New Year’s Day (Oh look how…shit, I can’t think of anything witty to say)


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