Dinosaur Pile-Up, Kid Harpoon and Magic Magic

Dinosaur Pile-Up

Wow, I think that my predictions for a more classic alternative direction in 2009 might be true after all. The love for bands like Dinosaur Pile-Up (led by my favourite music mag The Fly) seems to proof that point. They are very raw, have some Melvins, some early Queens of the Stone Age bits, also a bit Mary at the Playground and all that sounds fairly brilliant. Back then, when guitars suddenly sounded like mean little beasts, drums were allowed to fuck up your ears and the singing was always caught between high and fragile renditions of despair to bored and/or angry monologues about the human condition (which is also despair). Dinosaur Pile-Up seem to be an ace live band and their songs are pure kick-ass Alternative Rock. Hell Yeah!

Your Harley

Kid Harpoon

Ok, he’s no new act, he’s toured with the Kooks and has done some things with Florence and the Machine in 2008, however, so far, there is a huge amount of EPs circulating but no album in sight. Which is weird, really, because this haunting mixture of Garage, Gothic and Folk is very beautiful. The often angry but more often melancholic Tom Hull (that’s his earthly name) is chasing us through his songs that are loud and dark (“Riverside”) or verging on the cool side of Country with burlesque dives into gothic tunes(“Late for the Devil”). Even melodies that invite a nice shaking the leg, bear a sadness that reminds me of the fantastic (and unfortunately not so well known) Liam Frost, only with more nods towards the dirty Garage sounds. Kid Harpoon is definitely one to remember and to look forward to and with an album waiting and waiting to be put out (supposedly called “Maladies”) we have yet another reason to fall more and more in love with the musical change towards pure and folky music that smells of roots, rain and folktales.

Riverside (apparently the only song that will appear on his album)

Magic Magic

There is a pattern with guys that look rather unspectacular but do really great music. I don’t know why but especially in America this seems to be a good formula. Magic Magic make dreamy indiemusic with a use of orchestral instruments that are – for once – not there to make all the songs hymnal but give an airy feeling by hovering faintly between a fantastic voice, an acoustic guitar and “blow you away”-drums (double the fun with two drummers). Sometimes the songs sound as if you’ve just interrupted during rehearsal. This is no radio band but something to really get into on a rainy Sunday. The great thing – although there are progressive elements in some of their songs, they never build up to a heavy soundwall but create a nearly psychedelic surfing sound that makes you feel as if you are drifting away. Just listen and go “wow”.

Because the audio on the youtube videos is quite horrendous, I give you myspace



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