The Joy Formidable, Post War Years and the Uglysuits!

The Joy Formidable

I have two theories here, either I changed my male-dominated taste in music over the last two years to a more female-friendly approach or bands with girlpower (don’t you hate that word? It’s hideous) actually have gotten more popular, better and overall, more interesting than some lose and boring poptunes. The Joy Formidable are nearly aggressively euphoric, their music is a fantastic blend of 80s New-Wave-Punk and 90s Alternative. Listening to their music makes me really happy but a bit angry/sad too. Maybe, though, that’s not because they write incredibly eerie yet light-hearted indiesongs but because they get compared to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a bit too often (I really don’t think that they sound that much like them, I do get remembered of Philip Boa’s “And then she kissed her”, though).


Post War Years

There is something quite haunting about this band. Their use of electronic features can be compared to I was a cub Scout or Captain Kidd, it always seems rather irritating so that the overall feeling of the songs is that of a restless melancholy. I am completely in love with the way their songs build up, you never know where you end up. And there is an awful lot going on in their music, I bet that even after years I’ll be able to find something new in each one of their songs. Maybe it’s just me but I can imagine that they sometimes listen to modern progressive music in the car, the whole climax of their songs has this progressive feel to it. I love it when popular genres mix with the underdog genres. The year starts interesting.

The Black Morning

The Uglysuit

There should be a law that whatever music mix you have, you should have at least one of those songs that smell like a summer morning and remind you of those precious times you’ve woken up really early and had breakfast with some friends, somewhere in the open. The Uglysuit would get a lot more attention then, because this is exactly what their music sounds like. Think of the chilled out “Shins” or better, think of breathing in deep when the sun shines into your face as if to breathe in all this goodness of the day. It’s mellow indiemusic, the kind that no one ever really dislikes because they are just too good, too bright and too heartfelt.



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