Choir Of Young Believers, Marmaduke Duke and the Shortwave Set

Sorry, it took some time, till I finally got around to write something new but I was so busy doing nothing specific and sleeping through the day to stay awake till the early morning hours…plus, I gained the typical semester break weight and that pissed me off, so I would have trashed every band anyway. But I am back now, so let’s hit the road…

Marmaduke Duke

Since about two hours, I am desperately searching for some bands that are not just ok but good enough to write a bit about them. But it seems as if I am either not in the mood or the bands are all pretty mediocre.
But then I remembered this fantastic band called Marmaduke Duke that kept me excited with their song “Kid Gloves” for weeks. I feel a bit reminded of Menomena, because you don’t really know what to expect with these guys from Scotland. There’s Electro but drums and guitar get their time to shine as well and it seems as if you are listening to a new band with every new song. And those are full of layers, details and great hooklines that make them not too accessible at first sight but get better and better with every repeat. And they all sound grand.

Kid Gloves

Shortwave Set

I know, I know, they are well known and loved amongst indie fans but I love them too, so let me write about them. They caught me with the song that probably caught 80% of their fans “No Social” which is slightly awkward and creepy and has this killer chorus. And this is what you get with all their songs. This is Indiepop with a certain oddness that hovers above every tune, as if something is off on a perfect summer day. With some reminiscences of the psychedelic Beatles (e.g. “House of Lies”) and fantastic, entertaining lyrics, these guys and girls are bound to become one of those indiebands that are a given in everyone’s music mix.

No Social

Choir of Young Believers

Ok, enough with enjoyable and fun bands, now that spring is approaching and we don’t need to fight the winter depression anymore, we can risk to listen to great melancholic bands again without our arteries splitting by themselves.
Choir of Young Believers are from Denmark and as nearly every Scandinavian band know perfectly how to sound like they are playing from the peak of snowy mountains. Their songs are taking their time and develop slowly, sometimes it appears as if even the instruments now and then take a breath and only leave their echoes behind. With some help from an orchestra, they create an eerie atmosphere that is drifting off to the sea. If you feel as if you haven’t shaken off the cold grip of winter yet, rather wait a few weeks until you listen to this band but listen to them, you won’t regret it.

Next Summer (live)


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