Cat House, New Maximo Park Single and The Melancholy Moose Society!

The Melancholy Moose Society

It’s one of those bands with a great name that fortunately sound great as well because I would have to love them alone for that name and that would suck if they were shit.

Thanks for sambouchard418 who courageously took this picture without being killed by it mooses? No wait, it's moose in plural as well...

But they aren’t, so jazz hands up. The MMS are three guys with funky sunglasses and/or freaky grins and tunes that sound like the not-so-angry Young Knives (I am so glad, hyphens exist). Although this Britpop infused Postpunk is not the newest invention of bearded guys with glasses, it’s a genre that hardly ever gets boring because the mixture of creating compact little songs with choruses that can be easily sung drunken and are always fun live is simply great. Also, I like the sound of their myspace songs that is a bit rough and basementy (I know, that’s no word but you get my drift, don’t you) and therefore very charming.


Cat House

It’s always sad when promising bands splits up. But it’s alright if you a.) didn’t realized it before they b.) announced that they have a new project (or name, I don’t really know). This being the case, RIP Captain Kidd and Welcome Cat House. They hopefully hit the big stages with the new name because the music is a good as ever. Electro infused Poptunes that ooze a sadness that only “I was a Cub Scout” or “The Good Books” could top. Anything else? Just go to my Captain Kidd text (


Maximo Park – The Kids Are Sick

No new band, amitted not even a band that needs introduction but the new Maximo Park single is just too exciting to spare. Usually, I know about my favourite bands and their newest productions but this time it pretty much surprised me in a heap of CDs on the coffee stained desk of my local radio. It’s a brilliant song that now and then has some elements of the deep and dark softness of the Editors and overall lacks the euphoric rythm of the usual Maximo Park songs but if this is the new turn of them, I am more than delighted because they pull it off. There is so much going on that you (for once) are not completely focused on Paul Smiths great voice. However, the sadness that hovers especially in the title-giving staccato at the end feels like the new material might sound like the serenade of a defeated generation. Beautiful, though.


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