Thank God for Natasha Khan

Well, I don’t believe in God, so I think I rather thank her parents because I assume that they are real existing beings.

Since I’ve seen her live a year ago, I am completely hooked up on Natasha Khan and Co who sound like the modern versions of Kate Bush and Tori Amos which is a great change from bubbly ‘Ain’t I cute’ popsongs. The eerie atmosphere of each song and the fairy-tale infused lyrics are hypnotic and although I am usually not that visual-driven when it comes to music, I have to say, Natasha Khan looks so beautiful it’s nearly creepy. The variety of instruments (many old-fashioned ones that look like art) and the fact that every member of the group can play about a dozen of them makes for a fantastic live experience and I am filled with glee that the new album “Two Suns” is out now.


The songs have lost a bit of their haunted-forest atmosphere and now seem to be placed at rough cliffs or deserts at dawn where you can see wide, oh so wide. This is where you wanna be when you hear the rough sounds of native drums in times when singing didn’t need lyrics because it was only used to convey the emotions purely through the voice. No wonder, as my favourite “Why are MGMT so popular if there are”-Yeasayer have helped her with these sounds that breathe mother earth.

Moon and Moon (live)

The songs build a very homogenic album but prove throughout that they can survive on their own and build brilliant little stories. As with the debut the lyrics seem to be nearly cryptic but never leave the listener out.
“Piece of Mine” sounds nearly like a Gospel whereas “Glass” sounds exactly like the name promises,  it cuts through the air. “Pearl’s Dream” is haunting with the ruthless rythms and the piercing vocals and “Two Planets” has the spacey texture of Björk’s “Human Nature”.
More often than not she reminds me of Kate Bush throughout the 80s who used the seemingly tacky synthezisers but used them in a way, that only put emphasis on the classic instruments and the shards of wind and rain that pour through the songs. You have to talk about dramaturgy when talking about her songs because they tell a tale and often they mount in an opulent moment where everything seems to crush down like a tidal wave.

Glass (unfortunately, there is no real video to the song but it’s so perfect)

Everything works in “Two Suns” because of the fantastic meticulous compositions, the songs unfold with every hearing and together with this siren’s voice Bat For Lashes creates a musical experience that will be timeless and printed into our memory. This is no cute little girl singing cute little songs or oversexed chart hits. This is a woman who is a perfectionist and is rooted deep within her music. To sum it up: I love the new album.


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