Change of Plans, starting with Marina and the Diamonds

Because I read today that a good blog needs at least two new entries each week (probably about 1000 more), I decided to screw the three-bands-at-a-time rule to go for just one band/artist but (hopefully) more frequently than just every other week.

I will start this with her:

Marina and the Diamonds

Aw, she’s cute, but wait, there’s more than just flashy colours and cotton candy.


Marina and the Diamond is close to artists like Feist or Kate Nash but there are twists within her songs that actually imply that she might go a bit crazy now and then and veer into the direction of Amanda Palmer or Regina Spektor.

Although she is not quite there yet, I really hope she will opt for the weirdness of her music without drifting off into Kate Perry too much, as some of the songs go that way but are still much better than that horribly dull plastic doll who thinks that lesbianism is just a way to get the boys hot.
To sum it up: I somehow really like her music but don’t want to commit to it, yet, just in case, I will be embarrassed about it in a couple of months. However, I don’t think, I will (be embarrassed, that is)


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