King Khan and the Shrines

It’s funny how fresh retro music can sound. King Khan, the Canadian Indian Voodoo priest of Garage/Retro/Soulmusic is the best example because he exuberates an optimistic vibe that makes you help old grannies with their shopping and solve all the problems in the world. With his “Shrines” he reminds of the good old times, of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson plus the instrumental goodies of the psychedelic Beatles, the Animals and my best friend, the hammond organ. Weave flowers in your hair, jump across fields of flowers and celebrate this fountain of good spirited Euphoria. And don’t miss the lyrics, they are cheeky and just as fun as the music that goes with them.

Welfare Bread (I am madly in love with this song, don’t know about his outfit, though)


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