Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

That is someone I like to have an interview with, just to call him by his full name every single time. Because it’s a f***ing great name. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is going in the direction of Willy Mason, however, with more nods towards Bob Dylan and anarchistic Rock’n Roll. I think it is relieving to know that next to the fun but inevitably doomed 80s revival we have this great songwriter/folk scene that emerges like a beautiful sea monster out of the waves of prejudices.

Because it is so heartfelt, it has so much soul and there is almost a ceremonial feel to it. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson knows his stuff and creates beautiful music that has a great power behind it, almost like a revolutionary group of people who want to change the world. Ambitious, but worth it.



2 thoughts on “Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

  1. I love Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson! I’ve had ‘Buriedfied’ on my ipod for qutie sometime and I love it. I found your blog because of Marina and the Diamonds and I am loving it!


  2. Thanks a lot, it’s actually such a selfish blog because I wanted to force myself to get to know more bands, so it’s great to hear some feedback.


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