Micachu & The Shapes

Now that is a cute band. Electro with the vocals of a 12 year old postpunk girl (at least it sounds like that, it isn’t, though). Melodies that are so simple that it’s nearly annoying how catchy and sweet they are and enough guts to experiment in the middle of the song and break it all down. Love that. There is an anarchism in the air that is like a pop version of Blood Brothers vs Le Tigre plus a vast arrangement of insane instruments that seem to come from Gyro Gearloose’s laboratorium.

Golden Phone*

* Great song but please, let someone stop this madness of being so postmodern to create music videos that look shit but are actually cool because it’s ironic, you know, using all those shit looks of the 80s in the 21st century where you actually could make great videos but don’t because it’s kind of a message an all that – It’s NOT! It’s just shit videos and nothing more. Just stop being such a bunch of wankers and be creative. Gee, sorry for that outburst but no wonder that MTV is not airing any music videos any more if half of them are stupid ass-shaking Hip Hop videos and the other half pseudo-intellectual 80s reminiscences of crap. Thank God that there are bands like Elbow who never fail to come up with fantastic music videos….ok, I am done now, now listen to Micachu.

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