Matt and Kim

There is something very 80s about Matt and Kim, however, not the sterile and bad clothed 80s, more the creative melting pot it was at that time, starting the whole eclectic twist amongst the innovative musicians.
Their label calls them destructive dance duo which seems alright. They are not very destructive. though, just very very euphoric and their music makes you feel warm and cozy with the plus that you can dance to it. Even the reckless songs have an airy and innocent feel to it. Maybe just because in their videos they are always smiling so you can’t help but associate their incredibly good mood to their incredibly sweet music.
They could be somewhat of an ambiguous act, which people either love or hate but for now I am opting for sweet sweet love.

Lesson Learned (I didn’t chose the video because of the nudity – although I am intrigued – but because I am basically in love with all songs that remind me of the early Philip Boa)


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