Gavin Castleton – It’s Zombie Time!

An album about relationships with a zombie theme? I am in, it could be basically 70 minutes containing of sounds of a washing machine I would love it because the nerd in me says so. But fortunately, Gavin Castleton is also an awesome musician, so I don’t have to worry.
He is one of those insanely talented musicians who seem to do music 24/7. His influences are songwriter chique, electro where it suits, Progrock (it’s never wrong to add Prog) and some Rockabilly (including the dreamy themes of the 50s) and is it just me or do I spot some minor reggae vibes from “Coffeelocks”?

The album “Home” has the pompous style of a musical, however, with the integrity and finesse of someone who is able to do more than just assembly some catchy melodies. There is a story to be told and Gavin tells it with all the drama, pathos and beauty that it is impossible to not get extremely excited about the album as soon as you’ve heard the first few notes. And I promise, next to supreme songwriting, oldschool horror movie themes follows some funk and electroliciousness that will knock your socks of.
Anyway, there is so much to be found in his tunes that it is only a matter of time until we all will celebrate his greatness in the streets. And don’t think he is a newbie, he is making music since 1995, was a member of Gruvis Malt and has already released about half a dozen of EPs and singles. His album “Home” (the great Zombie one) is his latest solo-album (thanks for correcting me, Steve) after Dark Age, Hypotenuse, Grace Land and For the love of Pete and is one of those records that make you feel all warm and giddy inside.

Coffeelocks (with Lauren Coleman)


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