Dan Deacon – Padding Ghost

Actually, this song shouldn’t work. Every part of this song screams that it shouldn’t work. Electro beeping that is nearly only heard by cats and dogs, The Chipmunks getting high on some shit and singing along and a certain irregularity within the songstructure that could very well drive you insane if you’d listen to it for 24hours without a break.
But damn, this song is good.
At first you will think: Oh hey, that’s interesting
Then you will go: No wait, it’s horrible
And then you will think: Oh my God, it’s really horrible, I wonder what Dan Deacon is going to do next?
And then you’re game over because you’re in love with it and have to listent to it again and again.

An interview with the man, his woolen hat and a dance contest to that insanity of a song


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