+/- aka Plus Minus

I got pretty much forced to go to the concert from several people in my social network, so I thought, why not, even enlisted myself for an interview with them and dived into the world of Plus Minus which are a bitch to find on the internet because we have a german show that is called the same way.
Anyhow, this band is an absolute treasure, whether on record or on stage. There are all sorts of elements from the best that Rock and Alternative of the 90s and present can offer and despite the vast amount of different ideas and styles, their music is very homogenic, therefore at no point erratic. Which means that you listen to an actually complex album, instead of a single collection (which seems to have become quite a trend again).Plus, there is a real individual style that you can spot after you got a bit into their fantastic universe of great tunes.

Snowblind (haha, I nearly wrote “Snowbling”, anyway, what a sweet song)

Those guys can play, I tell you that, the guitars (James and Patrick who also sing with heavenly, yet sometimes angry enough voices) are impressive, diverse and offer many surprises in really small details in every song. The drums are simply insane, I don’t know why that is, but it is really hard nowadays to find a drummer that kicks ass, well Plus Minus have caught one of them and they use this talent by shaking up the songs, like a caleidoscope – just with drums.

She’s got your Eyes (the video got directed by the drummer Chris Deaner, who compared the editing of a video with playing drums – neat, ey?)

If you have the opportunity to see them live do it, for heaven’s sake, do it, even if you marry on the same day or are close to find the cure for cancer, screw that and go to the show because you will rather regret not seeing those guys live than not having married, or saved the world, seriously.

Trapped under Iced Floes

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