Apologies and The Lonely Island

First of all – Sorry for a long long time without regular blogging, the last couple of weeks in the semester are usually very stressful and I was really busy creating a devastating mess in my room, developing insomnia and drinking too much coffee while running to and fro Uni, local radio station and the fortress of solitude. And now something else to apologize for, but not really, because it’s worth it.

Why am I introducing an already popular band? Isn’t this supposed to be a blog that wants to present new and uprising bands?
Yeah, I know, I am sorry but this is what I listened to in the last week and it is what got me through a hippie-festival without going hogwild and killing everyone who has dreadlocks and this idealistic glimmer in their eyes.
The Lonely Island is a comedy trio (Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg), presently based in NY where they work for Saturday Night Live. Most of you probably know them for “Jizz in my pants” (which is one of those it’s-silly-but-so-so-funny-songs), “I’m on a boat” (feat T-Pain whom I find quite horrible in general but pretty cool in this song) and “Dick in a Box” (with Justin Timberlake, whom I can’t help but find pretty awesome). Yeah, it’s comedic music and although I am always a bit suspicious with comedic music, I have to say that The Lonely Island make a pretty good job with theirs.

We know Tenacious D as the Rock-laughs and The Flight of the Conchords for all the indiekids (me included). The Lonely Island tackle mainly the Hip Hop genre and gee, they are pretty spot on, especially because their songs are superbly produced and have a neat way of locating certain trends throughout the years. You have old-school Hip Hop on “Lazy Sunday” and up to date aggressive repetitive-yet-catchy Hip Hop with “I’m the boss”. And with superstar help from voices like Norah Jones (“Dreamgirl”) and THE Julian Casablancas from the strokes (“Boombox”) it’s no wonder that their album “Incredibad” is a well-selling piece of awesome.

The great thing is – because of the love to detail and actual musical credibility, the songs don’t wear out that fast and I find myself hooked up on the songs not only for their sometimes witty and sometimes just silly (but still great) lyrics but for their danceability as well. Was that a real word? Who cares, listen to the Lonely Island and don’t miss out the videos, these guys are fantastic.

PS: And watch their movie “Hot Rod”, for whatever reason this masterpiece of comedy hasn’t become a huge hit which I still find disappointing and it makes me so mad that I could strangle little puppies and kittens, whenver I think about this injustice (Seriously, it’s one of my top 10 comedies of all times and it doesn’t happen very often that new movies squeeze into that 10).

Ok, that was that and the following blogs will deal with newcoming and/or not so popular bands again, I promise.


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