The Antlers

You know those songs that start off so softly, that you actually could be tempted to overhear them, but instead you get very quiet and listen because they grab your attention like a drowning’s hand?
The Antlers achieve that with a whispering piano on their song “Kettering” and this painfully fragile voice pierces through you before the sounds evolve into a noise that is like the wind and the sea. Given that singer/guitarist and founder of the band  Peter Silberman has isolated himself from his family and friends to create his music, there is a certain solitude that seeps through even the more joyful songs. Like a moment where you stop to look out at the window and get lost in the patterns of the clouds, no matter what happens around you.
It is worth to listen very closely to every single song of theirs because the way they compose and put together their tracks is quite interesting and does indeed surprise.

The Universe is going to catch you (gee, trumpets always do it for me)


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