The Owl Service

Of course, we all think of Harry Potter when we read that name, but that’s all the teenie-attack we get from this band because as soon as the dark and sinister guitar sets in and the vocals start, we are amidst a forlorn city in the middle of nowhere, where they still hang people, where religion is a mixture of heathan rituals and despair and where everyone is both evil and good.
With somewhat folkloristic/gothic sounds, The Owl Service creates a deeply disturbing sound that mixes with Blues and a little bit of PJ Harvey. Although now and then deep in the flowery 60s, the cynical darkness of our forsaken present always seeps through and splatters the actually optimistic sounds with the blood of the innocent.
No wonder, the new folk movement is getting more and more popular, if the acts are keeping up the pace like that, the other genres will have to fight hard to become as diverse and interesting as these.

The Rolling of the Stones


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