Willy Mason

Now this kid is not new to the scene of country/folk song writing, he actually has already his second album (if the ocean gets rough) out and has travelled the world (he once even sold a plane-ticket to travel through the country by train). He even did guest vocals for the Chemical Brothers track “Battle Scars”.
But I feel as if Willy Mason is so horribly under-represented that I have to talk about him.
Because – as a person who actually impulsively rolls the eyes whenever she hears country – Willy Mason is someone who carries this cliché-ridden genre with such grace and ease that it is breathtaking.
He has produced his music mostly with friends and family and you get this sense of unity throughout the songs. The lyrics are superb, no patriotic “serve the troops” BS but insightful views on the pressure a human being feels nowadays, from emotional control to the despair one faces looking at the state of this world.
There is, however, always this scent of hope, that is like a warm and gentle hug.
Willy Mason has enough Blues in his songs, to make really good country and should be praised for doing so.

We can be strong (this is the song that got me hooked and considering that he is only 25 – he will be a legend in 20 years. In the album version you have a rich and gospely choir as background but you‘re probably with me when I say that his voice can pull it off without, easily)


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