Starlight Mints

My first thought at the new single “Power Bleed” by the Starlight Mints was: “Man, this video sucks ass, but the song sure is brilliant”.
It’s like two parallel songs work together, one a Bowiein-the-70s-reminiscence, the other one a solid and oh so soothing 90s indie song.
They have four albums on their sleeves ( Change Remains! being the newest one, bright and shiny and beautiful) and are actually making music since the mid-90s (which explains this great sense for seemingly simple songs that have a lot more going underneath, the more and more you listen to it, which made the 90s Indie so important for music fans). Be friends with them on myspace and get their albums and watch their videos (well, except the new one, maybe, but that’s just me talking, being sick of 80s crap-attack) and be happy and I assure you, all your friends will love you for playing the Starlight Mints for them. Even your enemies will love you for it.

Power Bleed (I just look away and enjoy the awesome tune that the song is)

And because this is a band that really exites me since quite some time, I give you another video (well, I don’t give it to you, I rather – lazily – provide the youtube link for a video that someone else loaded up…I am such a douche)

Popsickle (this is older but the video is ubercool because mark my words: puppets in videos are always great)


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