It’s a great world for a music nerd these days. Of course there is the pressure to catch up with everything (new trends, new bands, new stuff from old bands, old bands that inspired new bands etc,etc.) but there is also such a great opportunity to get to know music from pretty much everywhere. Nowadays you can actually hear good music on crappy shows (like the OC or Gossip Girl, urgh), or some blogs, music magazines (internet or print), or with the famous myspace-jump*. Plus, there is always the classic way which I prefer because it comes from the heart: ask people** about their favourite music. Of course you somehow should be into their taste of music, otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense.
Anyway, this long introduction and some great music tips resulted in me finding this band:



Love at first sound you might say (or rather not because it sounds pretty lame), Grandchildren from Philadelphia have a bit of the New Weird America sound going on, fused with psychedelic electro and – but I might be mistaken here – some global inspiration in their melodies. There is some nice percussion a là the Dodos going on, the impressive drama that reminds me of the incredible Yeasayer and their sound is so layered that they are probably insanely enjoyable on concerts but also promise a half-life of more than just a couple of months.
Grandchildren make music that instantly fills you with excitement, something you would use for the life-changing moment in a movie. Love them.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a music video but you really don’t need one, just listen:

*Go to one myspace page of a favourite band of yours and click on all the befriended bands of theirs. If you like one of those bands go through their band-friends and so on…Believe me, you’ll get to know great bands because most bands have a much better taste in music than dorks like me.

**In this case Eric Slick, one hell of a drummer whose name probably will be only whispered in a couple of years because everyone will be scared of his talent. Yes, he is that good and currently touring with Project Object, if I am not mistaken.


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