The Beauty Room

I can’t help but admire well-produced pop. That’s why I am not disgusted by Justin Timberlake, although he basically stands for everything I purely despise. But this kid just has superbly catchy tunes up his sleaves.
But he is not the only one. The Beauty Room are already hot hot hot and their mixture of RnB infused with Soul and some electric vibes is as mellow and relaxing as Sade or Sting of the 90s. There is also a slightly minimalistic sound of bands like Zero7 going on, so you might say that The Beauty Room combine the best of Trip Hop, RnB and minimalistic Electro. And although this kind of music is usually not my cup of tea at all, I am incredibly fond of their single “Holding On” for its somewhat anachronistic 90s violins and keys and the soft understatement of the vocals.

The Beauty Room (live and noisy, that’s what you get when the band is fresh as rain)

(My only concern is that this song might turn into one of those they play every two minutes at shows like Pop Idol, Making the Band, etc. You know, in those moments, when a contestant gets the news of a deceased family member and/or gets canned. Or when we see our faces reflected in the tv-screen and realize that we are living in a society where it is considered as entertainment to watch people willing to give up all of their personality to become “famous” and sing songs that are deprived of everything that music actually is. Huch, got a bit side-tracked there…)


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