Oh, forgot my anniversary

Given that I am writing this blog since approx. a year now, I thought I might expand my topical range with a few more categories. So, from now on I will not only introduce bands, I will also give my oh so wise insights into the world of a music-fan plus my very subjective opinions of exceptionally well made cover-songs, music videos etc. We’ll see whether I drop this out of shear laziness in a couple of weeks but for now I am very motivated, starting with this:

House of Jealous Covers

Peter Gabriel ft. Hot Chip – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

It must have been the most surreal day in the life of Vampire Weekend, when they heard Peter Gabriel singing the line “it feels so unnatural and Peter Gabriel too” especially when this gem of a man sang “it feels so unnatural to sing your own name”. The original is one of my favourite songs of the year 2008 and my reaction when I heard the cover version was next to hysterical because it is so playful and does indeed feel unnatural but beautiful nonetheless. Both versions have a very unique way of giving you this world-music experience (Ezra Koenig actually came up with this song on a trip from London to India which made him think about colonialization and the mixture of traditional and modern culture). So far, this is easily one of my Top5 cover songs.

And here’s the original, just in case you don’t know it or know it but want to hear it right now!


One thought on “Oh, forgot my anniversary

  1. How about Van Atta High’s cover of “Afternoon Delight” — great song, cool video too. They’re an indie band from NJ who covered the song for S1 Songs America (music publisher):

    And here’s the original (Starland Vocal Band) for comparison:


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