Ah, I heard the song “River” on my way home, tired and exhausted from dancing and quite at peace with myself. I could have been furious and shattered as well, this song by Akron/River would have sky-rocketed me right into this happy place that only music gets you into that is complex and light at the same time.
“River” is a perfect example, starting out very simple and then fluidly adding more and more layers, instruments and vocals, so that in the end you have the feeling that you’re being followed by a whole marching band of cheering musicians.
If you go on their website be prepared to face many many photos with hardly any words said. Well, with music as colourfull and thrown together like a quilt*, they probably don’t have to say too much about it. All three members can play pretty much every instrument and they also don’t shy away from including their environment’s sounds in their music. Of course – as my recent band discoveries have it – they are already on stage since ages and have released their fifth album Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free this year. But hey, in postmodern times, we shouldn’t be so after finding the new shit anyway, but first concentrating on those brilliant bands that have worked their buttocks off since years without the rightly deserved success.

River/Everyone is guilty live (the video is a bit shaky but you gotta love Monkish1001 for this video because the sound is pretty good and I just wanted to have River on here)

By the way, seeing them live seems to be one big jam-fest, because they like to go all improvisational on their sets.

*I am not sure whether this similee was alright or a big pile of poop. Anyway, I won’t use it again, sorry.


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