Sam Amidon (or is it Samamidon?)

This skinny dude named Samuel Tear* comes from New York and sounds more like he is from New Orleans or anywhere where you can still feel the roots of history tug at your feet. Because his songwriting is full of longing, solitude and a lot of blues, yet, doesn’t get depressing. And it doesn’t get boring with his use of nearly chaotic orchestral sounds in the background, an acoustic guitar and his brilliant voice that now and then hints (or is it just me) a cheeky smile. His songs get help from many musicians, like Eyvind Kang and Aaron Siegel.
And if Samuel didn’t pull our legs, many songs aren’t even written by him but are original folk songs from the 19th century that have been handed from one musician to another and therefore might not make sense lyrically now and then. All in all this music can either get you very frustrated or very happy. Because, after all, how much of this does he take seriously? How much should we take seriously?
Fortunately, Samamidon seems to be not sure about it himself and therefore put up the good, the bad and the ugly reviews for his music to let us decide on our own. This is enough for me to just stop overanalyzing the whereabouts of the creative input and simply enjoy the music because it is worth it.

Wedding dress (from the album “All is Well” and what did I tell you, music videos with puppets always rule)

*One review states that it’s him and some Thomas D but in another review, a Stefan Amidon is listed, which might make more sense, given the name Samamidon (get it? Of course you do, you smart superhero, you). I don’t get it, however, so please feel free to comment if you can bring light into this confused little mind/blog of mine.


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