Rubber Kiss Goodbye Goodies and Plants and Animals

Before I even start with another band, I have to inform you that the incredible Rubber Kiss Goodbye put up some of their epic songs for free download on their homepage. And – a rare occasion, I might say – you don’t have to sign in for anything, you can just download the sweet sweet goodness and listen to it.

(just to remind you of their greatness or introducing it):

And now – more music:

Plants and Animals

This I like. Very eccentric Canadian indie-rock that lashes out in every direction (sweet and mellow to pretty weird), is on a technically high level and doesn’t take itself too serious.

Ok, the video for their song “Feedback in the Field” freaks me out more than I’d like to admit, but that doesn’t keep them from creating something that includes 90s tinged songwriter gems like “À L’orée Des Bois” (including creepy children’s singing) and folk-wonders like “Sea Shanty”. Their first and so far only album “Parc Avenue” also features Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld on strings which is only too common for the Canadian music scene (helping each other out not Sarah Neufeld on strings in general). Also very common for Canadian bands: my incapability to describe their variety of sounds and musical influences. So, for lack of words – a video

Feedback in the Field (even if the video is creepy as hell, the song is great)

By the way, the intro for their homepage is by far the best, I’ve seen in months if not years.


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