Chew Lips

Despite the fact that I actually should be fed up with music like this, Chew Lips  made my eyes twinkle.

It might be the Soul voice of Tigs (Wow, it’s like Cher or Madonna!) their very aggressive beats or simply the fact that they got signed by Kitsune, which is by far the best electro label in this universe.

Chew Lips make music along the lines of La Roux, you know, this reminiscence of the 80s that you’d feel compelled to hate if it weren’t so catchy.

The good thing about Chew Lips are the nearly hypnotic beats and the strong voice that is a mixture of Karen O and Beth Ditto (but without the slightly annoying tendency of the latter dame to strain her voice and our ears by shouting too much).

It’s incredibly danceable which I can use after all these folk and alternative bands that are admittedly fine but not good for shaking some.

Chew Lips (Live, because everyone says that they’re live even better)


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