Goldheart Assembly

If Steve Lamacq from BBC Radio 1 loves them so much that he lets them do a live session although they haven’t been signed yet, we probably have to love them as well. Goldheart Assembly have a folky/country, even occasional classic rock sound with great harmonies. Personally, I prefer their more rocking songs because they hint that this band has the potential for songs that will become all-time favourites, although songs like “The Last Decade” have their heartbreakingly tender charm.

There are similarities to the pre-“Give me Fire”- Mando Diao and maybe some influence of the Rolling Stones (at least, that’s what I hear on “The Jesus Wheel”) but I am confident that they can get their own voice through, given that their vocals are superb, they are creative with their instruments and their live shows (as seen on youtube) are pretty vibrant.

Of course, we can’t say for sure, whether they will live up to their potential until they’ve released their first album (which hopefully comes soon) but so far, so very good.

Funny thing –

James Dale (bass, vocals) and John Herbert (guitar, vocals) apparently met when they worked together as zookeepers, which screams “Mighty Boosh” turned into real life folk-rock fun to me. But maybe just to me, things tend to do that. Oh Really (live)

The Last Decade (it’s so dreamy and melancholic…plus, the video is…erm…interesting, watch out Mr Gondry!)

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