The Music Tapes – For The Planet Pluto

I can honestly say that I belonged to those people who were incredibly confused, angry and sad at once when they got to know that Pluto is no planet anymore. I suspect that the other planets where just so jealous that no one wanted to name a cartoon character after them, so they kicked him out.

Anyway, The Music Tape made a song about our favourite planet, or ex-planet. And who are The Music Tape, you may ask? Well, its the incredibly creative and incredibly weird music project of Julian Koster (member of the Elephant 6, something that – after I just read about it – should get an entry in my blog).

The Music Tape is so incredible because its Kosters project since he was 16 and it contains strange objects (e.g. a hand-clap machine and a huge metronome), fantastic stories about George Reeves and now also the Planetoid Pluto.

The song becomes almost superhuman with a music video that directly marched into my all-time favourite music videos of all times and slightly irritating but eventually awesome compositions (it sounds so self-made that you never want to hear anything about production values anymore).

“For The Planet Pluto” is something that will make you happy for a very long time.

And I guess, I have to spend the next 3 or so weeks to dig into the musical twilight zone of Mr Koster.

For The Planet Pluto

PS: There is a hot internet debate whether pluto should be a planet or not, my favourite argument is: “God created Pluto so it should stay.” Did he really? I mean, did he really? Really?


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