Wye Oak

Aw beautiful.

Because one or the other music magazine of my choice introduced them as ‘oh so weird’ band from Maryland, I thought that they are probably good.

The Wye Oak is the State Tree of Maryland but was also a gigantic tree in Maryland that was over 460 years old but is no more. With that in mind, the music of Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner certainly becomes even more sad than it already is. With Andy pulling off both drums and keys, it is incredible how full their sound is and you expect at least two more people on stage with this great indie sound that is not as polished as most stuff today but even seems to relish in the occasional sound-minnestrone they create. Especially their layered vocals and a somehow hymnal touch to songs like “tattoo” are like the Fleet Foxes turned alternative.

Their second album “The Knot” is out now. So get out there, you little rascal and buy it or use this new thing they call the internet* and get it from there…

Please Concrete (it’s not really oh so weird, is it?)


*This postmodern joke was sponsored by people who actually get the postmodern joke of it. For everyone else: it is postmodern because I pretend to not being familiar with the internet although I am posting this blog ON the internet, get it, get it? Yeah, it’s not that good.


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