Kid Bombardos and the best ‘Beirut’ video ever

I don’t really have many French artists in my music mix. French sounding artists maybe and probably some who can speak French because of my vast amount of Canadian darlings.
Anyway, I really should start listening to more French music because Kid Bombardos make me want more.
The peculiar thing about this music is, that it sounds so much like Britpop and quite some Strokes-influences plus the mundane sound of French cinema in the 50s/60s.
Kid Bombardos was the great grandfather of Thomas, Vincent and Simon Martinelli and he was a boxer. One of ye olden boxers and maybe that’s why they have kept a certain nostalgia to their sound. They let their friend David Loridan (now, THAT is a great name) join in to make the perfect four-piece band.
Plus, any English lyrics sung with this charming French accent are bound to make you long for a dark cafe, a good book, red wine and a knowing look on your face in the midst of blossoming French culture.
It might not be the most innovative music in the world, but I tell you, this French flair is doing something very good with this Britpop and that alone should let this kids get on our dancefloors, please.

I’m gonna try

By the way, this video is one of the many exceptional music videos you get to see not only on youtube but on THIS site, which is called La blogotheque and which has the best bands doing great performances, beautifully shot. If you love Beirut’s “Nantes” you will probably die out of sheer amazement when you see the blogotheque-version.
Ah well, I just handed in my papers today and am in a good mood, here you go:

(it’s so perfect, I am in love with spiral stairs since the first time I saw it)


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