Yesterday, I spent some nice hours at my favourite local radio digging through the samples of numerous record companies (I didn’t break in to do so, I work there, alright?).
It’s pretty annoying work because you have to import the CDs to the server and that takes ages.
But I stumbled over some pretty amazing artists and therefore won’t have any problems with new blogs for the next couple of weeks.

The one band that was not only good but got a joyful-surprised “WOW”, gleaming eyes and an excited “giggedy giggedy”-head movement out of me was BLK JKS.
They are from South Africa, so the rich cultural heritage definitely makes their sound and reminds me very much of Yeasayer (who dig the roots of Mother Africa as well). But instead of the very strong percussion in Yeasayer’s incredible music, BLK JKS work more with compositions taken right out of the Art Rock department and have some insane guitar-solos. I am not kidding, there are parts (sometimes minuscule, though) in songs like “Taxidermi”, “Banna Ba Modimo” or “Kwa Nqingetje” that make me think of Zappa because of all the bip-bip-bo und DA-dadadadada (Erm yeah, Zappa fans will know what I mean).
I am not the biggest fan of so called Worldmusic but BLK JKS manage to create a symbiotic beauty of hypnotic choruses and pretty much classic Rock’n Roll jams that make your eyes water. Beautiful.
Summertime – Live (I can’t tell you where some of them left their shirts)

They might be more known for their contribution to the Fifa Soundtrack with the song “Lakeside” which is lovely but this song is hardly showing what they can do.


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